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Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply is a full stocking distributor of the entire portfolio of these NEW Colony3 two-piece toilets. This lineup from American Standard provides power, efficiency and style.

The design is engineered for savings, using 20% less water than standard toilets while maintaining impressive performance. The Colony3 toilets are NEW and offer multiple combinations with bowl options and tank types to meet your needs. They achieve optimal flushing performance with 3″ flush valve technology and are high efficiency at 1.28gpf/4.8Lpf.

This lineup of Colony3 toilets is available at any NEXT Supply location along with a wide selection of other American Standard products. Full inventory backed by our service offerings, fast delivery, a team of experts to help you – make us a stronger wholesaler choice.

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Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply is continuing to build their commitment to their customers by fully stocking the quality line of TOTO products, including shower sets, faucets and of course, toilets and washlets.

TOTO is a brand that people trust and rely on with a reputation for comfort and innovation in the bathroom. With the inclusion of toilet features such as modern and sleek designs, heated seats, self-cleaning technology, and more …it’s what your customers want.

NEXT has an exclusive and wide selection of their high-quality bathroom products in stock. With good pricing, fast delivery and a team of experts to help you; contact us to place your order or get more information. Our team of experts are ready to help you!

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PRESS RELEASE: March 27, 2023 Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply is pleased to announce that their strategic expansion outside the Greater Toronto Area is official.

Open to service the Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas, NEXT is ready with this fully stocked local warehouse (not just a branch) that has unparalleled inventory of all the major plumbing and hydronic brands and products that customers need to get their jobs done. Located at 136 Ottawa Street South, this convenient, in-town location has easy access on/off the major highways. And, with dedicated local trucking, customers can expect incomparable fast, on-time deliveries.

They will be open Monday-Thursday 6am-6pm, Friday 6am-5pm and Saturdays 7am-noon.

“We are very fortunate to have an exceptional staff with lots of local and industry knowledge and experience” says Michael Storfer, CEO of NEXT Supply. “The last few years NEXT has developed the marketplace and this Kitchener location affords us to leverage those efforts, and new relationships, to become the leading distributor in this market”.

There will be promotions and customer events happening all throughout April and May.

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Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply is pleased to announce a strategic expansion outside the Greater Toronto Area. Coming in February 2023, NEXT Supply will support businesses in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas by opening a fully stocked local warehouse and pick up counter location. This new location will stock all the major brands and have full inventory of products that customers need to get their jobs done on time. NEXT will significantly enhance customer experience in the area by offering both rush deliveries with dedicated local trucking as well as continued on-time morning deliveries.

We look forward to opening our doors to the Kitchener-Waterloo community” says Michael Storfer, CEO of NEXT Supply. “We will continue to service existing customers and to build new relationships through our consistent and reliable service capabilities”.

We are always looking to grow and build our dynamic team. People thinking about a job and interested in a new rewarding career should email us at New customers can apply by emailing More details will be shared soon

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Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply is continuing to build their presence by substantially expanding their product offering.  Effective March 1, 2022, NEXT will start shipping Victaulic’s comprehensive line of mechanical pipe joining & flow control solutions.  

“Our customers are familiar with and want this product line – so we are extremely excited to now be able to offer this important industry-leading brand to them”, says Michael Storfer, CEO at NEXT. “It is our ability to service all our customers with on-time and rush deliveries that already make us a stronger wholesaler. And by increasing our breadth and depth of inventory to include Victaulic, we help them get their jobs done with the products they are looking for”.

NEXT Supply is a leading wholesaler with 11 fully stocked warehouse locations across the GTA and a full fleet of trucks that delivers to all major hubs in southern Ontario. Committing to having a complete inventory of Victaulic in all their locations aligns with their strong value proposition. Next Supply has experienced and knowledgeable people that are available to support on all product lines and can assist from technical support and customer service to quotations and project management. 

“The addition of this product line will enable us to find new solutions for our customers, and increase our presence in the commercial, industrial and hi rise markets. We believe in being integral to our customers, coworkers and community, so when customers need something, they can have peace of mind knowing they will get it.” Storfer reinforces.

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Victaulic is the originator of the grooved pipe couplings joining system for all complex piping applications. They are known for their dedication to designing, developing, and manufacturing quality and innovative products, servicing industries ranging from commercial building to oil and gas and mining to power generation and water treatment since 1919.

For more information, visit

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NEXT Supply with 24 teams, had a blast playing in the rain for a great cause at the 2021 event

The 10th annual Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer happened on Saturday October 30 raising an astounding $2.033 Million in support of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Organizers charted a path through the pandemic to successfully host the first live, in-person fundraising event.  Despite some nervousness and it being a cold, wet day – it was a huge success with a turnout of 115 teams (about 1400 players).  Clearly, this event resonates with our greater community in a very important way sending a clear message to help the mission to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime.

Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply is proud to have been a part of this historic day. They have once again stepped up their commitment to bring their community together and make a significant impact.  NEXT Supply was awarded the Corporate Challenge Cup for contributing the most funds. Through generous support from staff, friends & family, industry, customers, vendor sponsorship and fundraising events, they are pleased to have delivered over $420,000. Another incentive to raise money was knowing that the top fundraising teams in the tournament had a chance to draft a celebrity that would play and hang out with the team all day. Incredibly, NEXT had 4 teams that realized that dream and drafted: Ken Reid, Jeremy Roenick, Carlo Coliacavo and Laura Fortino. What a incredible experience for all!

There are 1 in 2 odds of being affected by Cancer in Canada.  This event supports The Princess Margaret, which is the largest comprehensive cancer centre in Canada and one of the top five cancer research centres in the world.  “We believe in being integral to our customers, coworkers and community” says Michael Storfer, CEO, “and events like this are the perfect opportunity to engage employees, foster teamwork, have a ton of fun – AND be able to give back to this vital cause that has impacted so many of us”.

Everyone walks away with a significant sense of pride.  NEXT Supply has already committed, along with many customers and vendors, to next year – and looks forward to being part of setting a new World Record on game day in 2022. #GAMEONCANCER

Large group photo credit: Mike Palmer (@roamingfocus)

Watch the 2021 highlights here:

For more information or to donate to the event, visit

And to learn more about the impact, visit


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If you know Next Supply, you know that we are fiercely driven by our core values of being Integral to Customers, Coworkers and Community! So, while we have kept all operations open with a strong commitment to service & full inventory for all customers and maintained a safe & supportive environment for our staff, we have also been working with those in the community that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

NEXT has been assisting Seeds of Hope Foundation who helps people at the crossroads of their lives, since March 2020. We have delivered over 500 survival kits to encampments, donated clothing & gift cards, facilitated movement and storage of many pallets of bottled water, frozen foods and packaged meals, as well as our coworkers making & delivering almost 15,000 sandwiches.

St Joseph House is one of a few establishments in Toronto run by the Seeds of Hope Foundation. It is an older building, at 6 St Joseph St and described as a compassionate place of friendship where volunteers help people who are taking a step up from livelihood challenges and connecting them to a home and a community of people ready to help. While there, we noticed an opportunity to help with their plumbing issues (of course!). Because of Covid, the building was closed to clients and a good time to replace their old, broken, inefficient, and leaking facilities.

We received strong support from American Standard who kindly donated toilets, urinals, flush valves, and faucets. And earlier this week, 2 competent technicians from G.O. Tap Plus in Mississauga replaced and retrofitted the washrooms efficiently. By working together with other businesses who care and each doing a small part – together, we were able to make a big difference to an organization helping the most vulnerable in our community. Money that is not being spent on fixing these washrooms or paying expensive water bills can now go directly to helping those in need.

Thank you to American Standard and G.O. Tap Plus for making this happen with us! It sure feels good!

For more information:        American Standard and GO Taps Plus


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Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply has demonstrated their commitment to being a stronger plumbing and hydronics wholesaler by increasing their product offering and strategically providing TOTO’s comprehensive line of bathroom fixtures and fittings, including toilets, baths, urinals, faucets, accessories, lavatories and more. TOTO is the world’s leading brand of quality toilets; known for their innovation, design, and commitment to product development. They are celebrated for brands like NEOREST and WASHLET, which have won awards. However, TOTO has an extensive collection of quality fixtures for the entire bathroom for commercial, industrial, and residential settings.  “For more than 100 years, TOTO’s core mission has been to improve people’s lives with innovative, high-quality products for both the residential bathroom and public restroom,” said Michael Bancheri, Regional Director, Canadian Sales Division, TOTO USA.

“It is NEXT’s ability to service contractors and commercial mechanical customers across the GTA and beyond with on-time and rush deliveries and our commitment to having breadth and depth of inventory that already make a big difference,” says Michael Storfer, CEO at NEXT. “And now, we are allowing a premium product like TOTO to be more available; more within reach to all customers”.

Committing to having a full line of both TOTO products and parts aligns with their entire value proposition. “We believe in being integral to our customers, coworkers and community, so when customers need something, they can have peace of mind knowing they will get it. Our customers can focus on their work knowing that we get them what they need.” Storfer reinforces. Next Supply has experienced and knowledgeable people that are available to support on all product lines.  And they’ve brought increased outside and inside sales support on board to focus on and build this important and growing opportunity. NEXT can assist from technical support and customer service to quotations and project management. 

Helping Feed Toronto – One Sandwich At A Time

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NEXT Supply is Toronto’s most reliable Plumbing & Hydronics Wholesaler. They opened their doors in 2013, but most people working there have been in the industry for decades – and truly are experts in their field. With a strong and differentiated value proposition based on 4 advantages that sets NEXT apart from its competition, the company is successful and growing.  It is also the commitment to their Core Values of being Integral to Customers, Coworkers and Community that helps define NEXT’s achievements. From Supply Chain to Warehouse workers, from Procurement to Inside Sales, from Finance to Truck Drivers – all areas of NEXT have had a common and dedicated willingness to help out our community.

In mid-March 2020 when the harsh reality of COVID-19 started to set in, everyone was told to “Stay Home”.  But what if you did not have a home?  Many shelters in Toronto were shut down and many others were not safe because physically distancing, staying 6m apart from others, was not possible.  NEXT began their relationship with Seeds of Hope Foundation by preparing 500 Survival Kits that were delivered to people living in tents and encampments across the city. The kits included 2 days’ worth of food and snacks, masks, an assortment of hygiene items, socks and small activity books.  This not-for-profit group works with people experiencing homelessness; helping them transition off the streets and into housing.  They have several operations across the city including 6 St. Joseph House – the main office, a café/kitchen and community hub. 

From there, it was obvious; a one-time effort was simply not enough! NEXT has since committed to continuing efforts to help those with food insecurity by organizing ongoing weekly sandwich making and delivery to support this foundation.  Fast forward 10 months: NEXT employees and their families from across all their locations and organization have stepped up – and shopped for, made and delivered between 200-250 sandwiches each week. For a total of over 9,000.  The beautiful part of this effort is that everyone is participating.  Many staff members have engaged their families and children and it has become a Sunday night tradition to contribute to this community effort.

NEXT recognizes that they can have a greater role in this world and in our community through our actions individually AND together as a company.  They also believe that by providing these opportunities for staff to participate in, it creates a better working environment; one that reflects how they consider and interact with each other at NEXT.  

#teambuilding #appreciation #givingback #worktogether #community

NEXT is a Matching Partner: Legends Go Live

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Legends Go LIve

Many, many, things are different this year, ‘in these unprecedented times’, but … Cancer doesn’t take a time out.

Last year we were knee-deep in all things road hockey; gearing up to rally 23 teams across the plumbing and hydronic industry to participate in the 9th annual Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer.  The world’s largest hockey fundraiser and a big customer engagement event for NEXT, we were so proud to raise over $345,000 for life-saving research work being done at The Princess Margaret Hospital.  Leaving the pads last year, we committed to entering more teams, raising even more money and making the 10th Anniversary the best ever!

Understandably, this year’s event has been deferred to September 2021 because of Covid-19 but NEXT Supply continues to support The Princess Margaret Foundation in their goal to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime.

We recognize that despite the deferral, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre still needs our support.  That is why, to continue to raise funds for one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, we are honoured to be part of a new online contest, as a matching partner. Legends Go Live

This new and innovative program is an opportunity to purchase ballots to 21 once-in-a-lifetime legendary experiences with your favourite celebrity; kick back with Nick Kypreos, play 18 with Wendel Clark, hang with Doug Gilmour, VIP with Krushelnyski and more.  The more ballots you buy, the more chances you have to win.  And for a limited time – sponsors and matching partners allow you to double your chances, dollar for dollar, until $240,000 are used.  This is a limited opportunity. 

Contest closes August 20, 2020.  These 21 legends are going live to help Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime.  NEXT Supply is proud to support.  What about you?

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