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Ecuador 2020: NEXT Trip of a Lifetime

As part of our core values of being Integral to our Customers, Co-workers, and Community, NEXT Supply took a group of volunteers back to Ecuador for the 3rd time on February 5th, 2020. “Little did they know that this would be a trip of a lifetime that would change their perspective going forward”.

The group was mostly made up of people from different locations and departments so there was a little worry about how the dynamic was going to play out for the trip.  All for no reason! When you’re crossing a bridge suspended at 50 meters above the
torrential Pastaza River, white water rafting while holding on for dear life, and zip lining at a speeds up to 90 km/h - something interesting happens between co-workers. Barriers slowly faded and everyone started bonding - all of a sudden the team was getting to know each other in a unique and special way.

After three days of participating in exhilarating activities the focus changed to providing life-giving opportunities. With the help of the Me to We organization, the group descended into the Amazon Basin. It was a very humbling and impactful experience for all to hear first-hand the stories of both struggles and successes of the local villagers. This certainly makes one realize how fortunate they are despite the challenges that they may of had at home.

The real hard-work and focus of effort was made in a small jungle community called Los Rios, where help was provided with an ongoing construction project building additional classrooms for a school. The physical work was done manually with basic tools – classic hard labour under the heat of the sun was no barrier to helping out and was all worth it!  Motivation came from knowing that some of the kids had to walk 5km to get to school everyday and thinking about how the new classrooms were someday going to pave a way to a
more successful future for many children.

Overall the trip was extraordinary, rewarding and life-changing. The comradery developed as a group, the impact left at Los Rios and a renewed outlook for the future was all worth the efforts. NEXT Supply is proud to play a part that cares and supports not only for its own people but also for helping the community at large.

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Helping Feed Toronto – One Sandwich At A Time

NEXT Supply is Toronto’s most reliable Plumbing & Hydronics Wholesaler. They opened their doors in 2013, but most people working there have been in the industry for decades – and truly are experts in their field. With a strong and differentiated value proposition based on 4 advantages that sets NEXT apart from its competition, the company is successful and growing.  It is also the commitment to their Core Values of being Integral to Customers, Coworkers and Community that helps define NEXT’s achievements. From Supply Chain to Warehouse workers, from Procurement to Inside Sales, from Finance to Truck Drivers – all areas of NEXT have had a common and dedicated willingness to help out our community.

In mid-March 2020 when the harsh reality of COVID-19 started to set in, everyone was told to “Stay Home”.  But what if you did not have a home?  Many shelters in Toronto were shut down and many others were not safe because physically distancing, staying 6m apart from others, was not possible.  NEXT began their relationship with Seeds of Hope Foundation by preparing 500 Survival Kits that were delivered to people living in tents and encampments across the city. The kits included 2 days’ worth of food and snacks, masks, an assortment of hygiene items, socks and small activity books.  This not-for-profit group works with people experiencing homelessness; helping them transition off the streets and into housing.  They have several operations across the city including 6 St. Joseph House – the main office, a café/kitchen and community hub. 

From there, it was obvious; a one-time effort was simply not enough! NEXT has since committed to continuing efforts to help those with food insecurity by organizing ongoing weekly sandwich making and delivery to support this foundation.  Fast forward 10 months: NEXT employees and their families from across all their locations and organization have stepped up – and shopped for, made and delivered between 200-250 sandwiches each week. For a total of over 9,000.  The beautiful part of this effort is that everyone is participating.  Many staff members have engaged their families and children and it has become a Sunday night tradition to contribute to this community effort.

NEXT recognizes that they can have a greater role in this world and in our community through our actions individually AND together as a company.  They also believe that by providing these opportunities for staff to participate in, it creates a better working environment; one that reflects how they consider and interact with each other at NEXT.  

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NEXT Helps People Experiencing Homelessness in Toronto

Brad packing kits

Certainly living up to core values could be easy in good times, but when the COVID-19 virus started to spread in March, NEXT didn’t skip a beat. We truly believe in being Integral to Customers, Coworkers and Community. This is not a marketing initiative or a slogan – its part of our brand. So, even in these uncertain and unprecedented times we were duly quick to ask “How can we help our Community?” For people in Toronto that are homeless, their life already has many struggles, but with the added risk of the pandemic, situations quickly became much more intense. Many shelters were shut down, and those that remained open had many fewer spots available because of social distancing. Many homeless people decided that it was safer to be on the streets than in the shelter system. And with community centres, libraries, coffee shops and other public places all closed they were left with little to no resources, facilities and support systems.
NEXT reached out to a local organization called Seeds of Hope Foundation that works directly with those in need, helping them transition off the streets and into homes and found out how we could best help. With many volunteers willing to participate at NEXT, we prepared 500 Survival Kits; each containing 2 bottles of water, 2 sandwiches, protein bar, meal replacement drink, some snacks, soap, deodorant, a face cloth, toothbrush and toothpaste, activity books, a pen and a pair of socks. As well, some coworkers made homemade masks and employees’ kids got involved by making cards to add in. An assembly line, maintaining 6 feet of distance between stations and strict safety protocols, was created in our main warehouse. We packed all the kits into large totes and efficiently delivered them to this organizations main location, where a team of volunteers were mobilized to deliver them to the people living on the streets, in tents and in encampments.
We are continuing our efforts to help those with food insecurity by organizing ongoing weekly sandwich making and delivery to support this foundation.
NEXT recognizes that we can have a greater role in this world and in our community through our actions individually and together as a company. We also believe that by providing these opportunities for staff to participate in, it creates a better working environment; one that reflects how we consider and interact with each other at NEXT.

NEXT Hosts 24 hour Basketball Tournament

What do you do when you have a basketball court in your office and a never ending desire to help out in the Community? NEXT Supply hosted a 24 hour Basketball Tournament called HOOPS FOR YOUTH to raise money to buy basketballs for local youth community programs. It started at 5pm on Friday November 15 right through to 5pm on Saturday November 16, 2019.

"We invited customers, vendors and industry colleagues to participate and join in the fun" said Michael Storfer, CEO at NEXT. There were 240 time slots to fill to ensure that 5 people a side played for every hour. Many played for more than an hour and family and friends also contributed to the steady stream of sleep-deprived committed athletes. "We are grateful to all participants that went without sleep ... for the cause". There really is something special and bonding about participating in a common goal to give back to others. In total, NEXT raised over $3,000 and has already committed to buying balls for YMCA, Inner City Outreach and other community centers across the GTA.

Stay tuned for the date of the 48 hour basketball game in early 2020. #worktogether and #playtogether

NEXT is a Matching Partner: Legends Go Live

Legends Go LIve

Many, many, things are different this year, ‘in these unprecedented times’, but … Cancer doesn’t take a time out.

Last year we were knee-deep in all things road hockey; gearing up to rally 23 teams across the plumbing and hydronic industry to participate in the 9th annual Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer.  The world’s largest hockey fundraiser and a big customer engagement event for NEXT, we were so proud to raise over $345,000 for life-saving research work being done at The Princess Margaret Hospital.  Leaving the pads last year, we committed to entering more teams, raising even more money and making the 10th Anniversary the best ever!

Understandably, this year’s event has been deferred to September 2021 because of Covid-19 but NEXT Supply continues to support The Princess Margaret Foundation in their goal to Conquer Cancer in our Lifetime.

We recognize that despite the deferral, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre still needs our support.  That is why, to continue to raise funds for one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world, we are honoured to be part of a new online contest, as a matching partner. Legends Go Live

This new and innovative program is an opportunity to purchase ballots to 21 once-in-a-lifetime legendary experiences with your favourite celebrity; kick back with Nick Kypreos, play 18 with Wendel Clark, hang with Doug Gilmour, VIP with Krushelnyski and more.  The more ballots you buy, the more chances you have to win.  And for a limited time – sponsors and matching partners allow you to double your chances, dollar for dollar, until $240,000 are used.  This is a limited opportunity. 

Contest closes August 20, 2020.  These 21 legends are going live to help Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime.  NEXT Supply is proud to support.  What about you?

NEXT Rallies Industry Across 23 Teams to Raise Over $345,000 for Cancer Research

Plumbing and Hydronics Supply has demonstrated their commitment to helping find
a cure for cancer through their participation in the annual Scotiabank Road
Hockey to Conquer Cancer event held this past weekend. Next is proud to make
such a significant impact through their involvement in this amazing event which
proved to be the perfect opportunity to give back and remember those lost to

 “We believe in being integral to our customers,
coworkers and community” says Michael Storfer, CEO, “and events like this are a
tremendous occasion to engage employees, customers and vendors to make a
difference for a cause that touches so many of us”. Through fundraising support
and efforts like walking/running groups, skills competitions, raffles, 50/50
draws and more, Next connected with their industry and gathered over 300 people
to join together. “We were engaged,
emotional, impactful and had a lot of fun. We demonstrated our commitment and
leadership – showing up in numbers, recognizing the importance of these efforts”.

Overall, the
9th annual Scotiabank Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer event had more
then 1,900 participants, making up 167 teams, which faced off at Woodbine
Racetrack in Toronto and raised a record-breaking $3.1 million.  This year brings the annual event’s nine-year
fundraising total to over $23 million raised which supports world-leading
research at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, one of the top five cancer
research centres in the world.

With each
team playing four games throughout the course of the day, the top fundraising
teams had an extra incentive for their efforts – the opportunity to draft and
play with a celebrity.  “Hockey has always played an important role
in my life,” says former Canadian NHL player Shayne Corson who helped out on
our Next ‘Plumbing’ team. “One of the reasons I love coming to this event is
that it allows me to play a game I love to raise funds in honour of my Dad, who
I lost to cancer. Not to mention, it’s just a really fun day!”

At the end
of the successful day, Michael Storfer, who is also an event ambassador added,
“we can and will make a difference!” Next Supply has already committed to 30
teams next year. #GameOnCancer


Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply has demonstrated their commitment to being a stronger plumbing and hydronics wholesaler by increasing their product offering and strategically providing TOTO’s comprehensive line of bathroom fixtures and fittings, including toilets, baths, urinals, faucets, accessories, lavatories and more. TOTO is the world’s leading brand of quality toilets; known for their innovation, design, and commitment to product development. They are celebrated for brands like NEOREST and WASHLET, which have won awards. However, TOTO has an extensive collection of quality fixtures for the entire bathroom for commercial, industrial, and residential settings.  “For more than 100 years, TOTO's core mission has been to improve people's lives with innovative, high-quality products for both the residential bathroom and public restroom," said Michael Bancheri, Regional Director, Canadian Sales Division, TOTO USA.

“It is NEXT’s ability to service contractors and commercial mechanical customers across the GTA and beyond with on-time and rush deliveries and our commitment to having breadth and depth of inventory that already make a big difference,” says Michael Storfer, CEO at NEXT. “And now, we are allowing a premium product like TOTO to be more available; more within reach to all customers”.

Committing to having a full line of both TOTO products and parts aligns with their entire value proposition. “We believe in being integral to our customers, coworkers and community, so when customers need something, they can have peace of mind knowing they will get it. Our customers can focus on their work knowing that we get them what they need.” Storfer reinforces. Next Supply has experienced and knowledgeable people that are available to support on all product lines.  And they’ve brought increased outside and inside sales support on board to focus on and build this important and growing opportunity. NEXT can assist from technical support and customer service to quotations and project management. 

NEXT Travels to Ecuador

In early February 2019, a group of 19 people from NEXT Plumbing and Hydronics Supply started on an adventure to Ecuador.  As a coop student, I had only recently started with NEXT and although I recognized some faces when I arrived at the airport, I had had little to no interactions with most of them.

For the first 3 days, we spent time having fun, pushing our limits and stepping out of our comfort zones; getting to know and supporting each other in the process.  We went white water rafting, rock climbing, zip lining and canyoneering - each activity presenting its own challenge, fear and experience.

As exciting and thrilling as those activities were, the most memorable part of the trip started the moment we entered the Amazon basin and arrived in the small community of Bellavista.  I no longer felt like a tourist, but part of a group of people with the opportunity to help and learn about another group of people less fortunate than ourselves.

Here is what stood out to me:

  • The people:  The local literacy rate is low, yet the parents deeply understand the importance of an education.  There is a strong sense of community and despite individual challenges, families work together on a regular basis to support the village and the children.  In Ecuador, this is called a Minga: the coming together to build projects, and in our case, a new classroom for older children was built. I had the opportunity to work alongside the local families which gave me a greater connection to not only the pride and optimism they feel about their community and their gratefulness for the support, but also of their ongoing struggles and concern for their children’s future.
  • The women:  As much as they are still somewhat restricted by gender and social norms, the women’s groups continuously learn and look to find time to support each other and their daughters.  They have embraced the opportunity, through Me to We, to create jewelry and small artisan products and openly share their pride in being able to generate income for themselves and their families.  Together they shared with us how they make the bracelets - and this gave me a sense of how important it was for them to be a part of this shared experience as a community of women.
  • The water:  It is shocking to see the complete lack of clean water, the lack of governmental support and, in response, the amount of effort the locals have to go through in order to access it.  I heard heartbreaking stories of the impacts of drinking tainted water on families and communities. I can’t imagine not being able to turn on the tap to get clean water, let alone, not having any other option but to drink something contaminated with pollutants.  There is a visible and impactful difference in the communities that have been helped with access to clean water and thus, this continues to be the primary challenge along the Napo River.
  • The food and health:  There are plentiful and diverse foods that fill the Amazon and many locals are taking great care to farm their fruits and vegetables sustainably.  Cacao, in particular, is a huge source of income for people in this area and they are focusing on maintaining plantations of native species which produce higher quality chocolate.  Many plants also have medicinal properties employed by shaman and healer men to support the health of their communities, although modern clinics are slowly starting to become more available.

It is difficult to truly understand the struggles and challenges these people face but this trip has made me realize how important it is to help - locally or internationally, at every opportunity.  One of my fondest memories will forever be of the little girls – smiling and laughing. They would ask me to spin them around and lift them into the air. They would ask me to run with them on my shoulders and exclaim how they felt like they were flying.  It was moments like these that made the overall experience so rewarding.

I am extremely grateful to have had this opportunity with NEXT and it further emphasized to me, the company’s genuine commitment to giving back and helping community.  My time at NEXT has provided me with many memorable experiences, of which Ecuador was only one.

Take Part in Something Special



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Raise money for a great cause:

  • Make a difference by supporting Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
  • 1 in 2 odds of being affected by cancer in Canada ... we play to Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime

Be part of the inaugural PLUMBING DIVISION teams:

  • Deep-rooted camaraderie, friendly competition and exciting memories to last a lifetime
  • Play 4 games along side many industry customers including mechanical and general contractors
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