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Please download the form here. Once printed, completed and signed – email the scanned attachment directly to If you have any questions regarding the application process or our credit policy, contact us at 289-304-2012.

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    Company Information

    Ownership Information

    Principal Owners

    Accounts Payable Contact

    Business Details

    Bank Reference Information

    Trade Reference Information

    Must be industry related with comparable credit requirements. (No charge cards, gas cards, etc.)


    Preferred Billing Method

    Personal Guarantee

    Based on your type of business, this section may be required
    In consideration for Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply Inc. extending credit to the business identified below for any materials and/or services at the request of applicants or its agents, the undersigned individual hereby personally guarantees, unconditionally and irrevocably, the prompt payment of allsums now or hereafter owed to Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply Inc. by the business whether said sums are due under open account, contract or otherwise.

    Guarantor #1

    Guarantor #2 (if applicable)

    Has this company or any of its applicatns ever filed for bankruptcy protection?

    By signing below the applicant represents that he/she has the authority to execute this credit agreement on behalf of the named business and that all information provided is true and correct. Applicant hereby agrees with the Creditor/Vendor (Next Plumbing and Hydronics Supply Inc.) to the terms and conditions of this Credit Agreement as stated above.

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