Ecuador 2020: NEXT Trip of a Lifetime

As part of our core values of being Integral to our Customers, Co-workers, and Community, NEXT Supply took a group of volunteers back to Ecuador for the 3rd time on February 5th, 2020. “Little did they know that this would be a trip of a lifetime that would change their perspective going forward”.

The group was mostly made up of people from different locations and departments so there was a little worry about how the dynamic was going to play out for the trip.  All for no reason! When you’re crossing a bridge suspended at 50 meters above the
torrential Pastaza River, white water rafting while holding on for dear life, and zip lining at a speeds up to 90 km/h – something interesting happens between co-workers. Barriers slowly faded and everyone started bonding – all of a sudden the team was getting to know each other in a unique and special way.

After three days of participating in exhilarating activities the focus changed to providing life-giving opportunities. With the help of the Me to We organization, the group descended into the Amazon Basin. It was a very humbling and impactful experience for all to hear first-hand the stories of both struggles and successes of the local villagers. This certainly makes one realize how fortunate they are despite the challenges that they may of had at home.

The real hard-work and focus of effort was made in a small jungle community called Los Rios, where help was provided with an ongoing construction project building additional classrooms for a school. The physical work was done manually with basic tools – classic hard labour under the heat of the sun was no barrier to helping out and was all worth it!  Motivation came from knowing that some of the kids had to walk 5km to get to school everyday and thinking about how the new classrooms were someday going to pave a way to a
more successful future for many children.

Overall the trip was extraordinary, rewarding and life-changing. The comradery developed as a group, the impact left at Los Rios and a renewed outlook for the future was all worth the efforts. NEXT Supply is proud to play a part that cares and supports not only for its own people but also for helping the community at large.

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