Head of eCommerce & IT

Operations Dept.
, ON


This experienced, driven and team-oriented eCommerce and IT professional will play a lead role in helping NEXT realize dramatic growth, by commanding the development of both the plan and the people needed to reach our aspirational goals.

Key Responsibilities

This is a truly unique and career-defining opportunity for an eCommerce leader seeking ambitious and aspirational goals. You will be responsible for helping our company go from no eCommerce presence today to scaling eCommerce sales dramatically over the next 3 years.

● Near-term
○ Execute the strategic eCommerce vision and plan
○ Build a team (including an offshore VA team)
○ Own a data enrichment product for all SKUs to be sold online
○ Manage the implementation of new technology platforms (e.g. eComm, CRM)
○ Own existing IT responsibilities
● Mid-term
○ Define SOPs and process documentation to scale
○ Optimize the existing IT infrastructure and vendor relationships
○ Get customers to adopt the new online store and drive online sales
○ Secure new customers online
● Long-term
○ Scale eCommerce to 25%+ of the business’ annual sales within 3 years
○ Position the business to adopt new technologies as required to capitalize on market opportunities.
○ Scale a B2C strategy that leverages existing and new brands (e.g. 3P marketplace strategy, creation of a D2C focused site)


You are a driven, competitive, and team-oriented leader who elevates people around you while achieving impressive results. You have a passion for eCommerce and technology and can envision where the world is headed over the next 3-5 years. You think critically, execute with urgency, and hold yourself to the highest standards of performance and personal integrity. You thrive in an environment where the goals are ambitious, the vision is clear, and there is latitude to achieve results with clear accountability.

● Direct ownership over growing eCommerce sales
● Knowledge of eCommerce best practices
● Technical knowledge and aptitude (IT, ERP, CRM, eComm, etc.)
● Experience building a team
● Bonuses:
○ A network of professionals for team building
○ Full P&L ownership
○ Direct involvement with technology re-platforming and new systems implementations
○ Experience scaling offshore VA teams
○ Direct experience with the commercial plumbing industry, B2B wholesale/distribution

Technical Abilities
● eCommerce
○ Believes in multi-homed SaaS models as the future of eCommerce platforms
○ Experience overseeing eCommerce revenue
○ Online customer acquisition
○ Website structure and optimization
○ Product merchandising
○ Analytics and reporting
○ Technical knowledge of data and systems
○ Well-defined views for how to scale eCommerce efforts effectively
● Technology
○ Experience with ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Analytics/BI, and other tech platforms
○ Experience working at a head of IT capability using outsourced resources
○ Bonus: Direct involvement in re-platforming projects and new system implementations
● Financial
○ P&L forecasting and cost budgeting
○ Understanding of ROI and sound financial decision-making
○ Financial and quantitative analysis
● Operations
○ SOPs and documentation creation to scale operations
○ Awareness of how decisions impact other business units and working with other teams
○ Bonus: Overseeing offshore VA (virtual assistant) teams
● Team
○ Demonstrable experience identifying and recruiting top talent
○ Developing performance-based compensation plans
○ Managing an in-house and offshore team

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